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She's The Boss

A Cuddy Fic Fest

She's The Boss: A Cuddy Fic Fest
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Welcome to the cuddy_fest! Your friendly neighbourhood mods are ijemanja, hihoplastic, and swatkat24.

effective June 5th, 2009

Q. What are we doing here?
A. This fic fest is about one thing: Celebrating Dr. Lisa Cuddy! Because she is awesome, and made of win, and really, really hot.

Q. Okay! How are we going to be doing that?
A. Your first stop should be the Round 3 General Rules & Info, full of administrative goodness. (Some of this has changed since previous rounds, so be sure to check it out!) Then you should head on over to the Prompts Post, where you will submit lots of shiny story prompts that will inspire many kickass fics about Cuddy. We will be collecting prompts until June 20th, when we will post the compiled list of prompts for you to make your claims.

Q. Anything else we should know?
A. Yes'm. This year we will not be having an artists' portion of the fest. There was limited participation last year, so we decided to focus all our efforts on extracting awesome fic from you lovely people. If you are terribly saddened by the lack of art, please feel free to contact a mod and express your sorrow. (You can also do this through fic, for the record. ^^)

Q. Haven't there been other fests in the past?
A. Indeed. foreman_fest and wilson_fest! They are currently on hiatus. All the more reason for you to participate in cuddy_fest while you wait, y/y?

Q. Did we mention Cuddy rocks?
A. If you didn't, you obviously should have.

You can contact us by leaving a comment here, or by e-mailing hihoplastic at hihoplastic at yahoo dot com, or swatkat24 at swatkat24 at gmail dot com.

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